Tilt and Turn Windows

Get high quality, customizable tilt and turn windows from Toronto to improve your home’s comfort and energy-efficiency.

New windows with our superior glass and insulation are able to save you hundreds in heating and cooling bills each year while also increasing the value of your home and peace of mind.

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What are Tilt and Turn Windows?

They may sound like the windows you find on an indoor rollercoaster, but tilt and turn windows are actually some of the most versatile and convenient additions you can choose for your home. As their name implies, these windows have the ability to tilt open for ventilation or be turned fully for easy access cleaning.

Advantages of Tilt and Turn Windows

The benefits of tilt and turn windows are in their versatility and multi-functionality. When you choose this window type, you get:

Alternative Entrance

Because of their ability to be swung out like a door, tilt and turns can function as an alternative entrance on small balconies. They can also be made large enough to function as an emergency/egress entrance.

Easy Cleaning

Skip the hassles and dangers of climbing up a ladder to wash your windows by simply opening tilt and turns in their door position. You can reach both the interior and exterior of the window with ease.

Handle Operation

Adjust your window to either position with our smooth and easy to operate hand crank. North Shield offers these in a variety of colors to further enhance your decor.

Toronto Advantages

Along with all the benefits of standard tilt and turn windows, Toronto improves these versatile windows with our own special construction and materials to give you:

LoĒ-180 Glass

Designed to reflect heat back into your home during cold months, LoĒ-180 glass is also able to deflect heat and UV rays during the summer to give you maximum comfort and energy savings.

Super Spacer Sealed Health Smart Technology

With Super Spacer technology, we skip old metal spacers and improve window insulation with special foam spacers. Along with insulation help, these also help prevent condensation and mold.

Lifetime Warranty

When you purchase tilt and turn windows from North Shield, you can rest assured that your windows will last a lifetime. And, if something does compromise your windows, we’re always here to help get your home protected again.

Free In-Home Estimates on Tilt and Turn Windows

Toronto offers free, no-obligation estimates to Greater Toronto Area and Winnipeg customers.

We have extensive and convenient scheduling options available to work around your needs. When we come to your home, we’ll give you accurate estimates on price and installation timelines along with information on window types, styles and customization options.

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