Steel Doors

Steels doors for your home give you the strength and security you need along with a great selection of customizable options to make them as aesthetically pleasing as they are durable.

From decorative glass panels to wood-like finishes, we can create steel doors to suit your decor and personal preference.

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Benefits of Steel Doors

Longevity and Durability

We craft each of our steel doors to take advantage of the durable qualities of steel and use proven processes to ensure our paints and finishes last just as long. When combined, steel materials and our construction techniques give you a door with unmatched longevity.


Steel doors require little more than a quick wipe down to get rid of dirt to keep them looking clean and fresh.


With our sturdy construction methods and the natural durability of steel, steel doors offer some of the best protection against the elements and break-ins.

Style Options

Steel doors are highly versatile and can be crafted to look just like real wood or painted in a wide range of stunning colors. Incorporating glass panels with designs and colored pieces gives you even more ways to customize.

Steels Doors for Your Whole Home

Entry Doors

North Shield offers a full selection of finishes and colors along with decorative elements like etched glass panels. Whether you want something understated and contemporary or a dramatic and grand entrance, we have steel doors to fit your taste.

Side Doors

Because of their sturdy, low-maintenance construction, steel doors are ideal for side entryways. Oftentimes, side doors aren’t used very frequently, and you need something that’s durable and won’t need to be checked on regularly. And, if you do use your side entry as a main door, we have a high-quality selection of decorative and customizable options, so you get longevity along with an attractive look.

Steel Doors Collections

Toronto carries several premium collections of steel doors, including:

Cobra Entry Doors

Featuring elegant and intricate glass panels, rich wood finishes and other dramatic elements, our Cobra entry doors make beautiful statement pieces.

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Verre-Select Entry Doors

Designed with a focus on letting the greatest amount of light in, our Verre-Select doors are ideal for brightening an entrance way and taking advantage of natural light.

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Novatech Entry Doors

Modern and highly customizable, our Novatech steel doors come in a wide selection of colors with options for embossing and other subtle decorative touches.

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To make choosing your steel doors easier, we offer no obligation, in-home estimates in the Greater Toronto Area and Winnipeg.

We custom measure each door and discuss all design and material options to ensure you get exactly what you need to enhance and secure your home.

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