Casement Windows

Casement windows are our top sellers and there’s good reason for that! At Toronto, we offer exclusive access to premium Infinity Plus casement windows.

We designed these windows specifically to withstand the harsh Canadian winters with improved features and construction that will increase your home’s comfort while decreasing your energy bills.

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What are Casement Windows?

Casement windows are one of the most common styles of windows built into new homes. They are often tall and rectangular in shape and their primary defining feature is that they are opened with a hand crank.

Typically opening out, casement windows offer superior ventilation to other window types and open more fully. The hand crank makes them consistently easy to open since you don’t have to deal with latches and struggling to push up heavy panes. Your view is also not impeded by as many “muntins”, which are the divider strips of wood, vinyl, metal or other materials that bisect panes of glass in other window types.

Benefits of Infinity Plus Casement Windows

Along with the benefits you’ll find in all casement windows, Infinity Plus models offer additional advantages, including:

Increased Ventilation

Opening at a 93-degree angle, our Infinity Plus windows offer even greater ventilation over traditional casement windows.

Easy Cleaning

The increased opening also allows for easier, more thorough cleaning.

Improved View

While all casement windows offer a decent view, Infinity Plus’s increased opening and durable glass ensure you get a clear, beautiful view year-round.


Our casement windows employ insulated thermal, dual-seal glass to create the most efficient barrier between your home and the outdoor elements. Additionally, air leaks are prevented with fusion-welding in the frame and the multi-chamber design.

Super Spacer® Technology

North Shield casement windows use Super Spacer® technology which features a variety of aesthetic and energy saving benefits. The silicone-based spacers reduce condensation, optimize energy efficiency and create a pleasing design element.

Optional Triple Glass

You can further increase your energy savings with our optional triple glass. This adds an extra layer of protection to increase your home’s comfort.

Best Uses of Casement Windows

Casement windows are extremely versatile and can be used in most places in your home, including kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Toronto’s customizable options and sizes make them well suited to most rooms and homes.

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