Bay Window Installation

A bay window isn’t just your standard window, it gives you some of the best light and views and even provides additional interior space in your home.

Because of the protruding design of a bay window, you get the advantage of a roomy shelf, seating area or even storage depending on the size you choose. They’re often so desirable, they can even add value to your real estate!

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Benefits and Features of a Bay Window

Bay windows come in a range of sizes and styles making them a welcome addition to many rooms in your home. Consider these potential benefits when deciding on a bay window:

Easy Windowsill Gardening

Adding a bay window above your kitchen sink is the perfect perfect way to create a space for fresh herbs and small plants. While other window types have small sills that can make it difficult to get light to your plants, a bay window includes a spacious shelf area that’s ideal for letting your plants spread out and get plenty of light.

Storage and Seating

Going big with your bay window? Don’t worry about losing space! With the right design from North Shield, your large bay window will actually give you even more space for seating and storage. The deep shelf area can be padded to form a seat and storage can be built in underneath.

OpeningIncreased Value

Adding a bay window is likely to bring you a better resale value should you decide to sell your home. Not only will they increase the visual appeal of your home and make it more desirable when people walk through, it will actually add a bit of square footage which will automatically increase your home’s value.

Better Lighting and Ventilation

While a bay window can be created with all fixed panels, you can opt to have opening side windows with a fixed center window. This will give you an optimal natural light source and options for letting in fresh air.

Toronto Features

Each bay window North Shield creates is produced right here in Canada for a quality you can trust. We use premium, energy saving construction methods and materials to ensure your windows protect your home and your wallet.

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