Storm Doors

Storm doors are the unsung heroes of energy savings and general home comfort.

Intended to block wind and cold during the winter, they’re also ideal for allowing in natural light during warmer months while still providing security.

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Our Process

At Toronto, we locally produce each of our storm doors to our exacting standards right here in Canada. This allows us to offer affordable options you can feel good about including in your home while also helping your community.

Benefits of Storm Doors

Energy Savings

By adding an extra layer between your home and the outdoor elements, storm doors help to regulate the temperature in your home and reduce your need to turn up the air conditioning or heat.

Multiple Uses

While storm doors are well suited to helping minimize the of cold, windy and rainy weather, they are also beneficial in the summer. Homeowners can open their entry door and leave the storm doors in place to allow in light and a cross breeze while blocking insects and maintaining the security of their home.

Increased Security

With the addition of an independent lock on storm doors, you can feel even more secure in your home. This is also what allows our storm doors to help keep you feeling safe even when your main door is open.

Customizable Options

Storm doors give you another way to personalize the exterior of your home. With many houses having standard, cookie-cutter designs, storm doors can be one of the easiest and most affordable ways to help your home stand out. Choose from several color, materials and glass options to help match your style.

Types of Storm Doors

Toronto offers a variety of storm door types, including:

Full View

As the name implies, our full view storm doors allow in more natural light due to a slim, open border design.

Hi View

Get the view you want at the top with premium glass and the ventilation options you need with the screen portion of these versatile doors.

Self Storing

This unique design allows for an optimal viewing area and air flow options with durable, double hinges.

One Lite Storm Doors

Built extra strong, our One Lite storm doors are known for their ability to stand up to Canadian winters.

Tri Lite Storm Doors

Decorative and functional, the Tri Lite offers you even more options for glass customization and mesh ventilation.

Choosing Your Storm Doors

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