Fixed Casement Windows

Fixed casement windows from Toronto Windows & Doors combine the elegance and clear views of a picture window with the classic styling of casement windows.

We create our fixed casement windows to be both beautiful and functional with built in options for energy efficiency along with optional triple glass for even greater protection and energy savings.

By utilizing our same high-end technology that we put into all of our windows, you can trust that your fixed casement windows installation is one of the best investments you’ll make in your home.

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What are Fixed Casement Windows?

Like regular casement windows, fixed casement windows are typically tall and rectangular and created with the same sturdy construction as all Toronto products. However, they differ from other casement windows because they are “fixed” in place and do not open.

Advantages of Fixed Casement Windows

Fixed casements are created with the same exacting standards and technology we use for all of our products. This gives each of our windows these advantages:

Canadian Construction

Each of our windows is produced with pride right here in Canada for a product you can feel good about having in your home and community.

Super Spacer Technology

Skip the outdated metal spacers and opt for energy-saving foam Super Spacer options. These prevent condensation and mold as well.

LOĒ-180 Glass

Get even more energy-savings with LOĒ-180 glass, a specially constructed glass able to retain heat in winter and deflect it in summer. We also offer optional triple glass for even more protection.

Uses of Fixed Casement Windows

Fixed casement windows are often used alongside bay windows and rows of windows. Their uniform, streamlined design makes them ideal for brightening a space and increasing natural light in a room. They are often found in living rooms and dining rooms where you are likely to want natural light but not necessarily a lot of breeze coming through

Fixed casement windows may also add an extra degree of safety in homes with small children. While regular casement windows and hung windows are difficult for children to open, there is still a possibility of it happening if precautions aren’t taken. Similarly, these window types may be left open and a child could find their way out. However, with fixed windows there is zero risk of this.

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